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Circuit Dude is a top-down, tile-based puzzler with 120 levels created by Jonathan Holmes ( @crait). Circuit Dude is a cute lil' robot that needs your help building his mysterious secret invention! What could he be building? Help solve the first 100 insane puzzles to find out!


120 Levels

Level Editor

Online Level Sharing

15+ Hours of Gameplay

10+ interesting tile mechanics that interact in very cool ways

Original Soundtrack

Steam Achievements

Crazy Twist Ending

Full Gamepad Support


Nintendo Switch




iOS Devices




LDK Game


Palm Pilot


Arduboy Release: Nov 17, 2016

PC/macOS Steam Release: Aug 18, 2017

Arduboy 3.0 Update: July 27, 2019

PC/macOS 2.0 Update: Nov 21, 2019

Android/iOS: Feb 6th, 2020

Nintendo Switch: Sep 7th, 2020


Help Circuit Dude build his ultimate secret invention by plugging in chips, pushing blocks, stepping on switches, rotating walls and so much more in this game featuring over 15 hours of gameplay and 120 levels. What is he up to? What is Circuit Dude building? Finish the first 100 levels to find out!

If that's not enough, you can design your own master contraptions using the in-game level editor and even upload them to the internet to send to your friends!


Gameplay is simple: Guide Circuit Dude over every socket in order to plug in microchips. After all sockets are filled in, the exit portal activates, which let's you advance to the next level. But be careful! Once you plug a chip into a socket, you're not able to walk back over that spot. You have to be clever in how you navigate through a level; Otherwise, you'll block yourself from getting to the exit. Along the way, you'll come across over 10 different and interesting tile mechanics, such as rotating walls, teleportation pads, buttons and switches you can stand on, trap doors, blocks that need to be pushed, electric probes, conveyor belts, and others!

You have unlimited lives and there are no active enemies. The only way to die in Circuit Dude is to kill yourself. 😭 It's a puzzle game where if you get stuck or die, it's your fault. 😂 It has a great sense of challenge with that awesome "Ah Ha!" moment when you solve another level.

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Awards and Recognitions

Apple App Store's Game of the Day

Let's Play Gaming Expo Best Indie Game Runner-Up

Community-Rated, Best Arduboy Game

100% Recommended Reviews on Steam


Circuit Dude originated on the Arduboy, which is an Arduino-based handheld game console. It quickly rose to being one of the most downloaded games for the platform, despite this version only have black/white graphics, fewer mechanics, and only 50 levels, all within 32KB of memory! With over 5,000 downloads, Circuit Dude on the Arduboy has been voted by the community to be the best Arduboy game and that makes me feel just awesome.

After a while, I had more and more fans of Circuit Dude ask me for more levels, a sequel, new mechanics or even a level editor... However, the most popular request I had was from people asking me to make a PC version, so of course, I had to oblige! Not only did I bring it to PC, but I came up with new mechanics, a graphical upgrade, rework several existing levels, and add over 50 new levels to the mix.

It took me 100 days and spending over 8 hours each on some of the harder levels, but I did it! I brought the Arduboy's best-rated game to the PC and macOS, releasing it on Steam in August of 2017!

The game had been well-received, but still a hidden gem. The fans of the original Circuit Dude LOVED the updates and changes, so I went back and re-wrote Circuit Dude for the Arduboy, adding in 25 MORE levels (total of 75), more mechanics from the Steam version, and a level editor into the Arduboy version, and the game was STILL less than 32KB!

After some personal setbacks, and a wave of support after the 3.0 update, I ported the game, adding color modes, to the BittBoy, PocketGo, LDK Game, and Palm Pilot! The new fans that these ports brought in REALLY encouraged me to finish working on the Circuit Dude 2.0 update for PC/macOS that included a level editor, online level sharing, and 20 new levels! I got to work and released the update in November of 2019.

After the holidays, I got to work porting Circuit Dude to iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. By Feb, the mobile versions were out and in the wild, and Circuit Dude was already featured multiple times by Apple, including being featured as Game of the Day! I knew I was on a roll. COVID-19 ramped up around this time and added some delay, but I was able to get the most polished version over to Nintendo to release on the Switch eShop on September 7th, 2020!


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Hello! My name is Jonathan Holmes ( @crait) and this is my first commercial game! I live in Texas and work full-time at a local game studio, but I programmed this game all on my own. I hope you enjoy it and decide to write about it to spread the word. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.




Coming September 7th to Nintendo Switch

Available NOW on Steam, App Store, and Google Play Store

Game by Jonathan Holmes @crait